Step 3: Meet the lenders conditions and finalize financing.

Author: Peart Mortgages |

Now that you have the lenders approval you will work with me to get the approval completed. Good news here is you will likely not have as much to do in this step as you did in Step 2.

When you hear me refer to a ‘condition’ that the lender has asked you to meet, what I mean by this is that they are looking for you to prove to them what you’ve held forward in your mortgage application. For example, if you are an employee earning an annual income of $50,000 or said you had a $50,000 down payment, they are going to look for verification of this. I will work with you to meet that condition. All lenders will have different criteria on how you can prove this to them so again, in hopes of keeping it simple, at the time of approval I would communicate to you in a document I refer to as the ‘Condition Letter’ what your lender requires you provide as supporting documentation.

During Step 3, the most important thing you can do here is work with me as quickly as you are able to so you can meet the conditions on an ASAP basis. This will release some of the natural stress that comes with obtaining financing (it even happens to me) and it will make sure that no other part of the process is slowed down. With all the privacy laws out there, you are responsible to provide the documents a lender requires. That said, if I can help with a few items I will, and will be sure to communicate that with you along the way.